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Dear Editor of "TheShortStraw",

I must compliment you on a great on-line publication here. There is nothing more refreshing than a real interview with JC to put back old Mel in its place. Too bad you guys didn't have time to discuss Britney's implants. I would have been curious to hear JC's take on that? He created Britney a flat plank and years later she turns out a sex goddess with curves to give the most frigid priest a stiff on. Surely he also has something to say about her lesbian affair on stage with celeb beauty pop star Madonna...? I mean anyone in their right mind knows that 22 year old girls cannot even remember to take their birth control pills, let alone remember the complexities of plastic surgeries. Their brain are still unformed and they are good for little more than experimenting with hard liquor and lesbian sex. Why was I not surprised then to see the well televised exchange of fluids with Madonna? By the way thanks for finally revealing Richard Grosso real identity. My wife Christelle thinks you are just cheap bastards trying to bring down any American icons. America is for her the cradle of plastic surgery, and she is determined to protect it until death do us part. I sent her immediately back to the kitchen and told her to stick to cookery. What do women know about business on wall street anyway? And Michel Blanc does not make it to the top 100 of plastic surgery success list so I wonder where that hostile argument came from?

Anyway, thought I would just drop you a line or two of congrats.

Keep the online ink flowing and let truth be told!

Olivier Terra, a concerned Frenchman of Magadashi descent

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