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Dear Editor,

Is anyone there? Have you perhaps gone fishing?

I cannot begin to imagine what has become of my letter of 22 June below. I can only assume it was mistakenly placed in the pile reserved for concerned subscribers.

You might recall my donation of $10 though. I noted the serial number so if you do not want it, be kind enough to return it. I could use it to go to the pub and get away from my desk for an hour. Should you have chosen to simply ignore my letter, then I must say that I am appalled by your reluctance to win new subscribers. Let alone satisfy old ones by simply acknowledging their existence.

My wife Christelle says you are simply a con man and that is why we never hear anything from you. Or about you for that matter.

I tried to teach her a little respect but I ended up with a scalded groin. Perhaps you could send her a line or two to prevent further domestic violence.

If you are prepared to send me a signed photographic evidence of your existence, I am prepared to send you more ten dollar notes as token of contribution to keep 'online ink' flowing.

For now, I beg you to please consider a reply for sake of sparing my genitals of Magadashi descent...


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