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Dear Editor of theshortstrawdotcom,

It is me the concerned Frenchman of Madagashi descent again.

To be honest I am still a concerned Frenchman today as I am unsure if you really exist? Or if your website is a real one for that matter? I mean I was touched by the fact that my letter of August last year bore the slogan 'letter of the month' in your website but more than one season have gone by and my letter is still the letter of the month...

Doubts run through my mind at times as I wonder whether I am the only subscriber to theshortstrawdotcom... Truth be told, it does feel a little lonely in that left corner of your website. If you are in search of a few new friends, I may direct you to another website called rentsubscribersdotcom, they can make you feel like the world is a small place if you so wish.

I enclose a small gift of $10 though just to ensure that I remain at the front of the queue should you become so very popular overnight. But kindly drop me a line or two to confirm your existence. Even a simple acknowledgement of receipt would do in these hard times. I have been married for four years, so rejection is not new to me.

I have more to say about your recent articles, and more precisely the one about Beckham and Monique (deux qui la tiennent, trois qui la n... !) but I thought it advisable to wait for confirmation that you do exist other than in online form.

Let's see a little more substance this time!

Yours truly,


Concerned Frenchman of Magadashi descent

(I hide my name now to avoid domestic violence)

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